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How to use Shopify Features for the Benefits of your Business?

You might already have a Shopify store or plan to make one be an online seller or reseller. In any case, the vital thing is that you must know everything about the platform to get the best out of it!

One can easily create and customize a web store, but difficult to promote in front of its target audience! There are many techniques suggested by experts for newbies to boost sales of their e-commerce stores. It can be by using the best from social media, content marketing, offering discounts and offers, and many more!

But, do you know the fact that Shopify itself has many features? By using them, you can increase the sales of your business. So you hardly need to look here and there on trying & testing new marketing methods in your store!

1) Personalized Offers

Today a struggling e-commerce store can’t survive for a long time if it does not offer any discounted rates or offers. Every buyer wants to finalize a deal that saves much of penny while buying any products. By the way, you can use your brain to smartly make profits even after giving discounts on the products to move ahead of your competition.

If you have a mid-level plan on Shopify, then you can take the help of preparing gift cards for your customers. It is located inside the products section on the dashboard. You can use this feature to send personal gift cards to your customers and make them feel special on certain occasions!

2) Know your Customers

Many e-commerce stores don’t force their guests to create a profile for purchasing an order. The main motive here is to provide them with an easy platform where there is no need to fill many personal details to buy an item! However, they lack the most important thing, i.e., the customer’s valuable information.

So, make it mandatory for every new store to create the profile before checking out on the cart. This technique will help you study their behavior each time they made a purchase. In this manner, you better plan for popular products and offers to lure their minds to buy more from your Shopify store. You can activate it by settings options; from there, you can find the customer’s account section option!

3) Easy Checkout

As an e-commerce marketer, you must know the truth. It is the fact that most of the customers can change their minds when they hit on the ‘Buy now’ button to finally making the payment!

It is also known as cart abandonment, and a study has proven that its probability is around 70% on an average basis for online stores. Now you can understand where they lack to generate more sales to their business. After all. It happens due to specific reasons, such as;

a) Non-availability of Desired Mode of Payment

There are many methods of online payments that we are generally having. They all offer wallet facility. So the chances are that your customer has some amount in the wallet of a payment portal that is not available to finalize a purchase on your website.

Similarly, a buyer might want to use the offer of a payment portal that is not available on your web store. Hence, to avoid this situation, try to use all the leading payment methods to get your customer's payments on the Shopify store.

b) Higher Shipping Cost

Most e-commerce stores do not display the price of shipping a particular product at its page. Later, during the checkout, it will be added and shown to the buyer in the final quote. Now, this might be a decision changer for that buyer! It happens if he finds the cost to ship a product is higher than what your competitor or others are charging for the same.

So, try to use a real-time shipping cost calculator on your Shopify store. It analyses any product as per its weight/size and location of its delivery. Thus it shows the right and updated to avoid any issues to both the parties!

c) Unavailability of Stocks

You might have seen many web store providing an option for the visitors to add their pin code. It is intended to check the current availability of stocks to be delivered to that location. So, this helps any store build a good reputation for being transparent in service with their customers.

In the absence of it, your client buys an item, and while processing ahead, he/she comes to know that the product is not available for delivery in their place. Or, it will take time more than usual, then the chances are that a particular buyer will not come again on your store and might influence others to do the same!

Now, what to do if even after avoiding the above precautions, your customers abandon their check-out? In this case, never lose hope! There is always a possibility of resale. All you need is to follow-up the customers by using different means like E-mail, push notifications, or retargeting ads. Try to know their reason behind that behavior and convince them as per to complete their last transaction!

Bottom Line

There are many Shopify Features and Apps enough to ease your management and running an e-commerce store!

Besides the three specified above, never underestimate to use the social media-based add-ons or plug-ins on the store. They help to ease your marketing on such platforms. Last but essential, always refer to the live reports and analytics provided by Shopify to its users.

You can also integrate the Google Analytics dashboard on your store. It can help you to gain much knowledge about your website visitors and customers. You can also plan well to solve the problem areas or know where you lack to generate enough sales. Hence, you can plan better strategies to gain their attention.

Are you having enough budget and are willing to spend more on creating your e-commerce store like a pro? If yes, you can take experts' help on photography, marketing, design, and programming required on your website.

Shopify can suggest a list of such experts as per their specialization, location, and price. Hence, you can hire one from there directly without searching on different freelance or job portals!


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