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5 Working Tips for New Shopify Stores to Grow their Business in 2020

The world is well aware and getting more precautions towards the pandemic that we are facing these days! It has put restrictions on humans to stay at home to be fit and healthy. So, now we all are prone to study, work, and do online shopping from our houses! Overall, the present condition is entirely favorable for online sellers, resellers, and marketers. It enhances the possibility for them to gain more customers and hence sales. Shopify is a user-friendly software both for newbies and experienced business peopleto quickly launch a web store.

So, the profession to do dropshipping and affiliate marketing is also growing at a fast pace among many entrepreneurs. A reason might be due to the wide acceptance of e-commerce platforms. The best part of it is that anyone can gain either part-time or full-time income from it without any professional specialization. The reality is that not every business marks up to their desires!

Do you already have a Shopify web store or planning to open a new one? If yes, you also need to know the tricks that can help you reach your potential audiences, make profits faster, and beat the competition! By using the following smart ways, you can save both of your time and money in the form to achieve success for managing a Shopify store;

1) Collecting E-Mails of your Web Store Visitors

According to a study, customer retention can ensure about 65-75% of total sales from them and can be increased further by chasing new ones. Thus, it is a good practice to ask your website visitors to share their e-mail ids, so get future updates about new deals and products! It is a strategy that most popular e-commerce sites are using at present.

So it is always a great idea for a business site to collect and build a list of the e-mail address of both potential and old customers. It can help you broadcast any message to your target audience at any time with a single click of a button. As a return, it will help you to get the required traffic without the need to depend on driving traffic from any other popular website like social media!

2) Do not hesitate to spend on Paid Ads

As a business person, you must know about a fact that in the US, around 65% ofpeople who are in search for an item to buy online click on Google Ads to get some help! So, now you can imagine the power of running your ads and reap such benefits to gain traffic for your Shopify store even more than from any other means.If you want to reduce some hassles of promoting your shop online, a simple trick is to invest some of your money as per the budget. It is to gain the attention of more target audiences that might be impossible or will take time using other marketing methods.

3) Use the Power of Content Marketing to Grab Attention

Years before, we only have the option of buying the products through offline stores. At that time, we see how salespeople can try to entice potential customers to convert them into buyers. They use a simple strategy to either explain the benefits of the item or how investing in it will solve your problems.People are generally inspired by someone who wins their trust! So you can use the same kind of strategy for your Shopify e-commerce store to promote your products. Online marketing is nothing with quality content. You can use the best of the content for product descriptions, ex-plainer videos, blog posts, or customer success stories.

4) Expand your Store by adding new Products

If you have noticed the strategies of popular e-commerce platforms, then one thing in common. It is the fact that they add more new products with time into their store based on different categories. They are not limiting themselves to sell only some specific or highly demanded items. Thesame technique is required to be followed even for a Shopify store, either small or large.You need to research well about your audience's needs and if they are facing any problems buying any product that your store can solve. To be safe, you can also promote any new product to your store's home page before its available to order. In this way, you will find in advance how much people are interested in buying it ahead!

5) Take Care and Win Loyalty of your Customers

A successful business is the one that hasa massive list of its loyal customers. After all, they can not only help brands to generate revenues but also act as free brand promoters through their word of mouth to their known ones.However, it is a pretty tough job for any struggling e-commerce store to retain its customers in this highly competitive world. Every new site offers attractive deals that can easily change any old customer's mind to try a new service.Anyways, still, there are specific means to retain your past and current buyers. Yes, it is possible if you care for them! You can make them feel special regularly by sending messages. It can be anything like anniversaries, exclusive offers, or product details that they might be interested in, and many more.

Final Thoughts

More than one million e-commerce stores are using Shopify to market their items. The biggest reason is it offers the easiest and quickest way for startups to start an e-commerce business.The trend of shopping using the internet is growing with time hence increasing theonline sales revenue of almost every country. Due to this, the level of competition is also rising in this sector.Every e-commerce platform, either small or big, uses new tactics to grow their sales and lead the market. But, one thing is guaranteed that it is a big race that will not end in a new future.

You can join or buck up in the race now and prepare yourself to give your best dedication and hard work. So it’s never late, you can also use some tactics to boost your reach and come out with a significant presence in the market.

Time is crucial! You can save it by following different tried and tested tactics like the ones specified above. They can help to achieve your dream of becoming a highly successful businessperson


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