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10 Marketing Strategies that work to increase sales for your Shopify Store

It is not enough for any online retailer to spend enough money on running paid promotional campaigns. There are many common marketing strategies available today to promote your services and products! You might be getting good traffic on your Shopify web store for now, but do you think it is enough? Definitely not!

The main reason is every business needs constant promotion to gain and retain their customers for life-time benefits. Do you know the different options as marketing platforms to enhance your traffic and sales even more? Here are some;

1) Infographics Marketing

You can create info-graphs on your service, categories of products, promotional offer, and more. Further, you can promote them on your social media channels, Blogs, or mail them to your customers. It will help you to get more clicks on these infographics as they will be shared more. Hence, more possibility of traffic on your site by the backlink provided on them!

2) Promotion on Deal Forums

Today online buyers desire first to check the discount based websites and forums. These can help them compare and suggest the best price and deals on any product they want to buy. Generally, these sites are having lots of traffic and also a potential place to market your offers. Hence, the traffic will be forwarded to your site.

3) Influencer Marketing

You can find some influencers in the market that can help you promote your products in front of their followers. They can either charge you some money in return. You can also offer a free sample of your products, discount codes, or sponsor their giveaways. It will help you to promote your products in front of their followers to get your targeted customers.

4) Affiliate Marketing

A cost-effective way to market your products to many audiences is to implement an affiliate marketing program. You can ask your affiliate marketers to promote your products and make commissions. So in this way, you can market your products for free. You can also organize some contests with your affiliates to increase your promotion strategies.

5) Video Marketing

You can plan something different from what your competitors are doing. It can help you to lure the minds of their visitors and convert them into potential buyers. An effective strategy is to create explanatory videos about your products.

It can be based on its features, applications, need, how to’s, and more. A potential buyer can get some help to understand well about a product. A buyer can also gain trust in your web store as a valuable platform to get genuine products.

6) Promotion on Facebook Groups

You can easily search for different targeted groups on Facebook. There are many groups on Facebook, where everyone is publishing posts about buying or selling their products.

So you can also post a listing that can entice those group members to come and explore more on your website. Again, you can ask them to like and share it with their friends or other groups as a simple way of promoting your service.

7) Blog Promotion

Every new website needs SEO and other digital marketing strategies to gain traffic. The same applies to a Shopify web store as well. And as per them, ‘Content is the King.’ So try to focus on publishing good quality content on your web store.

You can even promote the products, offers, and services via blog posts with helpful and quality content for your targeted leads. You can promote blogs on different other platforms with a backlink to your site! A blog can act as a virtual sales representative to promote your web store offerings.

8) Instagram Promotion

It is best to display as many and high-quality product images as possible on their listing pages. But you should not limit yourself here only. Yes, you can take the benefit of having those interesting images to promote that related product on the photo-sharing social sites.

Instagram, at present, is trending all over the world among pic enthusiasts. You can also create your business presence there and post images related to your products and services and gain followers.

You can also find other Instagram accounts with tons of followers, follow them, give it a shout-out, and get benefits in return! So you can sue different strategies to gain your Instagram followers and make them turn into your future buyers.

9) Web Store Promotions

You can also use many ways to promote your hot selling or trending products in front of your first-time visitors or incoming website traffic. It is a simple way to ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters by submitting their emails.

In exchange for this, you can mail them free coupons that they can use to get some discount, like free shipping in their first purchase. So, in this way, you will build a good list of potential buyers for your Shopify web store. You can also make them happy to start a new relationship with you by ordering a product.

10) YouTube Marketing

It is a mainstream, video-sharing social platform for businesses. Businesses can publicize their products and services in front of a vast traffic present on Google’s YouTube platform.

Many big and small business brands are already taking advantage of maintaining the right presence over there. Hence, you can make a channel and start posting exciting videos on it.

They can be related to your products, services, behind the scenes, and more and start gaining subscribers. You can promote your channel with other channels, organize live sessions, or offer free giveaways for your subscribers.


Do you ever use any of the above-listed methods to promote your Shopify store online?

If you have missed trying even a single one of them, then you should do it now. It will surely aid you to increase the graph of future sales of your drop shipping or online retail business. After all, all marketing strategies are building blocks for your Shopify store that will help it in some way one or another day!


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